Saturday, August 18, 2007

Interview with twiztid

Look it here:

Top 5 sites about the Twiztid music

1. Twiztid offsite - All about the Twiztid, their music and creativity at all. If you like Twiztid music, you must have this site in your bookmarks!

2. Twiztid at Myspace - Their personal web page at Myspace. You can also fond here the schedule of Twiztid TOXIC TERROR TOUR. And add Twiztid to your friend list at Myspace.

3. Twiztid clips at Youtube - 4,610 video clips with the Twiztid.

Twiztid at Wiki - Read about the Twiztid music at Wikipedia. All about Twiztid style, Twiztid biography, Twiztid discography and filmography.

5. Twiztid at MTV -

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Some Twiztid' songs

You can also download some Twiztid' songs here - Twiztid mp3 music

Twiztid internet radio

You can listen Twiztid music online here -